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Pho Ba Ria 2

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Today's post features Pho Ba Ria 2 on Hanson Road. This little gem has been a family favourite for phở for an extremely long time. We've been going here since I was a little girl and have witnessed management change a few times, but the phở has always been good! It's a quick and easy meal for whenever any of us can't be bothered cooking - we either dine in or order takeaway. Our Sunday lunch visit saw the restaurant packed to the brim as usual!

 Fresh bean sprouts and herbs to go with the Phở

Phở đặc biệt
Combination Beef Noodle Soup (small) $9
Extra: Bò viên
Meatballs $1.50

SO good! The broth is clear and rich in flavour. It has all the right herbs and spices in the right proportions, resulting in a delicious combination leaving us satisfied every single time. The noodles themselves are delicious and perfectly cooked, and the thinly sliced beef is spot on! 

 Bún măng vịt
Vermicelli with steamed duck and bamboo shoots $11.50

I never order this whenever I visit but my parents seem to love it. The steamed duck was very nicely cooked and tender. I think the broth requires an acquired taste, and the scent of it is something I'll never get used to! I've tasted it a few times and it's actually quite tasty once you get past the scent!

Hủ Tiếu xào Kway Teo
 Combination Kway Teow $13

This is, in no shape or form, an authentic Kway Teow but it's still tasty. A huge assortment of vegetables and proteins were tossed together in a soy based sauce and served with a {rather extreme} amount of fried egg! As I said, tasty, but definitely not authentic.

Cơm tấm đặc biệt 
Combination broken rice $9.50

This place does one of the best combination broken rice dishes in Adelaide, for sure. The fried pork ribs (top left of the dish) are cooked to absolute perfection ever single time I have it - deliciously crispy on the outside, juicy and tender on the inside. The roast pork (bottom of the plate) had a lovely crispy skin and tender meat. I believe it's sourced from a BBQ place tucked away just behind the row of shops where Ba Ria 2 is located, parallel to Hanson Rd - Hong Phat BBQ. Just quietly, this tiny little place does the BEST Asian style roast ducks, porks and chickens! Definitely pay them a visit - the man who works there is so friendly. Back to the dish, the sweetened fish sauce is the perfect accompaniment to everything else! My only complaint would be the pork and egg omelette (the square shaped piece located bottom right). My mum makes this better than anyone/anywhere I know but I promise I am not biased when I say that this is the only thing not on par with the rest of the dish. Too dense, packed full of clear vermicelli and lacking it meat - it is a disappointment every time and I always leave it behind on my plate!

 Sinh tố bơ
Avocado smoothie $3.50

 Sounds weird right? NO! Try it if you ever get the opportunity. I assure you, once you've tried one, you won't be able to go back! It's a delicious blend of avocados, condensed milk, sugar and ice. Not the most health friendly drink, but trust me, it's soooo good!

I definitely recommend visiting this place! It's very simple and minimalistic, and truly all about the food.  Service is fantastic and the food doesn't take long at all to arrive at your table. There is an extensive menu which does include food that is not Vietnamese, but I promise that everything Vietnamese is authentic or as authentic as you can get here in Adelaide! A meal is reasonably cheap and one person can be well fed for even less than $15. It's open for lunch and dinner on everyday except Wednesday, but I prefer lunch visits. Give it a go the next time you're in need of a phở fix! I promise you won't be disappointed. 
Overall, 8.5/10.


Ps. Across the street is a place called 'Fruity Fruits' (I know right, funny name) which sells fresh sugar cane juice. Don't miss it!

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