Sunday, 21 July 2013

Citi Zen [2]

Hi everyone,

Very recently, my sister, childhood friends and I decided to satisfy our yum cha cravings over lunch at Citi Zen!

My favourite piece of decor in the restaurant!

 Prawn Dim Sim (Har Gao)

Delicious as usual!

 Prawn and Scallop Dumpling

 Steamed Prawn Rice Roll

We loved this so much, we actually ended up ordering 3 plates!

 Savoury Dough Rice Roll

One of my recently discovered favourites. The extra crunchy savoury dough tastes so good with the soy and thin rice sheets.

 Fried Prawn Roll

Basically crunchy, fried bean curd filled with prawns, topped with a tangy, sweet sauce. It was the first time I had this and it was delicious!

 Steamed Stuffed Tofu

The tofu was really bland but I did like the prawn stuffing. 

Chinese Radish Cake

Just like in my last review here, these were rather disappointing again in terms of texture.

 Salt & Pepper Squid Tentacles

The first thing that arrived on our table and we devoured them! Great as per usual - crunchy, well seasoned and piping hot. 

Chicken Feet in Black Bean Sauce

I usually choose to not order this (I'm rather squeamish) but one of my friends insisted that we order it, then forced me to eat some! I could only manage one bite of it, but I do like the flavour of the black bean sauce and how it soaked into the feet. Personally, I just can't stand the texture of it, but I know some people love it! It's rather slippery and slightly crunchy (?). 

Today, we decided to skip the mango pudding because we were going to visit a new cafe afterwards.

Another great visit to Citi Zen! The food was delicious as usual and arrived at our table very quickly after placing our orders. The service was the same - it was difficult to get the waiters and waitresses' attention, even though it wasn't a particularly busy day. However, when we did get their attention, they were friendly and quickly attended to our needs.
Overall, 8.5/10.


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