Monday, 20 January 2014

TGI Friday's [2]

My friend Sophie and I were in Marion to catch a movie and we decided to have lunch at TGI Friday's because she had never been there!

Booth style seating. Very American!

The bar is located in the area with the word 'KITCHEN'

I love the decor here!

Jack Daniel's Sampler  $29.95
Cajun battered shrimp, sesame chicken strips and baby back pork ribs + Jack Daniel's glaze

SO. GOOD. The size of this was intimidating at first but as we made our way through it, it didn't seem that bad. Goodness knows what's in that Jack Daniel's glaze but it's so delicious! The ribs were probably the stand out part of the dish. The meat had this really pleasant charred taste and was not overly dry, making it a real treat!

Caesar salad $26.75

I ordered this thinking both of us would be able to get a decent serve of veggies for lunch. Horrible choice though… Anything with any amount of nutritional value was drenched in the overly creamy and slightly sickly caesar dressing! Never again.

Cosmopolitan $13.50

Definitely not worth the price when compared to other places which serve this. Not very tasty, either!

San Francisco $6.25

Only order this if you like that medicine-y cherry taste! I personally hate it, yet somehow managed to endure through the entire glass, probably because it was icy cold and really refreshing.

I always love a visit to TGI Friday's. I don't find the food overly spectacular but for some reason I do enjoy eating it, especially when I'm in good company because it's such a fun place to eat at!

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