Monday, 3 November 2014

Bread & Bone Wood Grill [2]

After hearing about my last visit to Bread and Bone, a few of my friends were intent on trying it out. We arrived to a fairly busy restaurant for lunch on a week day and were seated promptly. Once the menus was set down in front of us, I was surprised to find that there were quite a few changes that had been made since my last visit. Prices for burgers now automatically include fries and work out to be $1 extra than what you would've paid with the old menu. Prices of the accompaniments have all gone up, the red velvet soft serve has been replaced by another flavour and they've gone from $6 to $8. Also, the burgers are no longer served with pickles. So many changes and my last visit was only 2 months ago shortly after it opened!

Between the 6 of us, we ordered 4 different menu items.

(I used my iPhone 5S to take photos on my last visit but it has since been stolen, so please bare with me and the quality of my photos as I use my old iPhone 4 while I wait on a replacement phone!)

Soft shell crab burger and fries $17.50
crab, roasted chilli kewpie, iceberg, cress

I wanted to go for something different this time and opted for this. My absolute favourite element was the spicy kewpie which added just the right amount of flavour and kick to the burger. The soft shell crab wasn't as crunchy and hot as I would've liked, but I wasn't too fussed.

Three Little Pigs $18.50
roast pork, heritage ham, smoked bacon, wombok, kewpie, confit onion, cheese, green sauce

Julie really enjoyed this burger but her only criticism was that there was a serious ham overload. In saying that however, she thinks people who like ham won't have any issue with it. 

B & B Burger $18.50
beef, speck, cheese, tomato, lettuce, caramelised onion, pickle, sauce, kewpie

Kym found a sheet of baking paper the size of the beef patty in this - eek! They apologised and replaced it immediately with twice the amount of chips as the first burger. 

 Another friend's B&B in all it's glory!

 B & B Dog with fries $15
speck wrappy Vienna sausage, onion rings, cheese, sauce, kewpie

Apparently this was not bad, but the girls who shared it preferred the burgers because the fresh lettuce and tomato in it made it a bit easier to eat.

The only issue we found with the meal was that the chips were unevenly salted. Some of us had extremely salty chips, while others had chips that were too bland. This discrepancy was also present within our individual plate of chips. They also all had different textures which was strange, some were fried to perfection while others were either too crispy or too soggy. Apart from this, we all enjoyed the burgers and hot dog! Service was above average but didn't stand out. One of the waiters was fantastic, continually refilling our water, checking in with us and we were pretty impressed with his ability to quickly rattle off the contents of their daily chopped salad, which contained about 15 different ingredients!

Despite the few hiccups, I'm sure I'll be back as Bread & Bone has solidified its spot on my list of favourite burger places in Adelaide!

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