Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Sean's Kitchen [2]

Forget Breakfast at Tiffany's... do breakfast at Sean's! ;)

Soooo I've visited Sean's Kitchen 3 times in the span of 7 days - once for lunch and twice for breakfast. Today's post will be covering breakfast!

The first time we went, we chose to sat outside and enjoy the beautiful morning sunshine. I soon realised this was a big mistake as my poor temporary iPhone 4 camera just couldn't handle that sunshine! 

English Breakfast Tea $4 

Soy cappucino $5

(Still cringing at the lighting in this photo. I apologise!)

Gypsy Eggs $12
baked free range hens eggs, chorizo, spicy tomato & bean casserole

What drew me to this was the baked eggs and spicy tomato. I loved the texture of the baked eggs, especially since they both had runny yolks, as well as the flavour of the spicy tomato casserole. Just the right amount of punch and not too rich, although it was what I would consider a hearty breakfast. I'm not too sure how I managed to miss the beans listed on the menu (it was clearly too early for me), but there are quite a few so maybe leave this dish alone if you're not a huge fan of beans like myself! The only complaint I have would be that bread - it was rock hard and almost impossible to bite through. I didn't manage to finish the dish but it would be good size for anyone feeling super hungry in the morning.

For our second visit, we arrived to an empty restaurant just before 8am. Learning from previous experience, this time we sat inside so I could capture some proper photos!

 Latte $4

 Bacon & Egg Butty $6
bloody mary tomato ketchup

Angela ordered this on our first visit and I just had to try it when we returned! I loved it - the egg was fried perfectly with a runny yolk, the bloody mary tomato ketchup had the most deliciously rich, spiced flavour and bacon was... well, bacon. 

On our first visit, someone was ordering about 30-40 takeaway butties so it took about 20 minutes for our food to come out. On our second visit, being the only ones at the restaurant at the time we ordered, the food was ready within only about 5 minutes. The usual fantastic service and great atmosphere were evident on both mornings, particularly with all the gorgeous sunshine through the glass windows! I would love to come back, but maybe not for another month or so... 3 times in 7 days has been rather excessive. The bacon & egg butty is dangerously addictive and so affordable, let's just say it's a good thing my university isn't based in the city because you can also get it to-go in the mornings!

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