Thursday, 11 December 2014

Kutchi Deli Parwana

One of my closest friends is half Afghan, and when we heard this place was opening in town earlier this year, we made a note to try it together as soon as we could! With her studying medicine and me studying optometry, each at different universities with timetables that annoyingly didn't align for lunch, the arrival of holidays meant that we were finally able to catch up properly. 
Kutchi Deli Parwana opens only for lunch and doesn't take bookings, so we were hoping that arriving at around 12:30pm on a Thursday would most likely guarantee us a table. Lucky we did, because by 12:45pm, there wasn't a seat left!

 Details! Loved the vibrant colours on the inside, especially on the bright tiles.

Kutchi Deli Parwana has a simple menu, most of which I will I admit I didn't really recognise. I left the ordering to my friend, and stood by the counter inhaling the amaaazing smells coming from the open kitchen!

 Mantu in lamb mince and yoghurt $12
Steamed dumplings stuffed with onion and carrot

The dumplings had a thin skin that held in the melt-in-your-mouth filling, and tasted incredible with the lamb and yoghurt. It was hard for Natalie to describe the flavours to me, let alone have me describe it, so the best I'll be able to do is the lamb mince in the rich, spiced sauce is what gave most of the dish flavour, which was complimented by the light mint yoghurt. I can definitely seeing myself ordering this again.

Morgh Degee $14
Chicken pieces, marinated in Afghan spices with naan, salad and chutney

The chicken meat was so tender and full of flavour, and both of us could rave about the mint chutney all day!

It was great to try something different for lunch today, and I'm so glad I did because it was incredible. I can't wait to come back and try more of their menu! Natalie is sure her mother will love it, which is a good sign that this place is the real deal. We've made a note to try out the original Parwana on Henley Beach Road some time in the near future!

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