Saturday, 10 August 2013

East Terrace Continental

Having my Ps, and being up early on a Saturday morning meant that my friends and I were able to grab a quick bite to eat for breakfast before beginning an intense study session!

On the adjacent wall to the right of this, kids movies were being projected. During our breakfast, we were able to watch a bit of 'Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs'!

 The food came out approximately 10 minutes after ordering. Quite speedy service for a busy Saturday morning!

 Soft Poached Eggs $13.60
with prosciutto, spinach and Hollandaise sauce with a drizzle of napolitana sauce on wood oven toast
+ Extra spinach $3.80

This was my choice for breakfast after deliberating over whether I should pick something sweet or savoury. I love poached eggs so I couldn't say no to this. It was obviously way too early in the morning because I accidentally ordered extra spinach thinking that there wasn't any with the dish. Oops! Can't say no to some extra nutrients though! 
The eggs were perfectly poached, with the yolks just holding together, only to burst onto the perfectly toasted piece of bread with a poke of my knife. I think the Hollandaise was lacking a bit of its distinctive tanginess, but that would be the only fault. 

Eggs Benedict $12.60
with leg ham, tomato and Hollandaise sauce on an english muffin

 Chill Bar $13.90
traditional Turkish breakfast of poached eggs atop warmed garlic yoghurt, drizzled with paprika butter served with sauteed mushrooms and warm Turkish bread

The garlic yoghurt and paprika butter sounded very interesting. I might have to order this the next time I visit!

 Celery, apple and pineapple juice $6.50

I ordered this to accompany my breakfast and it was SO good! I often juice fruits and vegetables at home and this is one of my favourite combinations. 

Banana smoothie $6.50

East Terrace Continental definitely left a good first impression. Delicious food, great value and service - definitely a fantastic start to my morning! I'm sure I'll be back soon. This would also be a nice place to bring younger children because it has a very casual atmosphere and is child friendly, and they'll be kept entertained with the movies on the wall.

Overall, 9/10. 


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