Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Tan Nhu Y

My little brother was running around the house telling everyone that he wanted pho for lunch, so Mum and I took him to Tan Nhu Y! 

Disclaimer: The family of my best friend from primary school owns this restaurant, however I assure you that this will not affect any of my thoughts on the restaurant.

On the day we visited, there was a function going on so the restaurant was very busy and packed. The service was still great in that the waiters and waitresses were all very friendly and helpful, especially the owner Hang, but the food was a little slow coming out which I think was understandable. 

Small Pho $10.00

HUGE serving for a small - mum and Vinny shared it but they couldn't finish it! Both mum and I thought that it was lacking the richness in flavour compared to other places we've been to. Not the best we've ever had, but I've heard other people raving about it. Maybe it was just bad luck?

Small Combination Broken Rice $10

I wasn't in the mood for pho so I decided on the combination broken rice. There was a huge mound of rice topped with a variety of different proteins, as well as fresh and pickled vegetables. My favourite was definitely the grilled pork. My little brother loved it so much that he kept picking it off my plate, along with the roast pork and cucumber (he just enjoys stealing my food). This wasn't necessarily a bad thing because I couldn't finish it! Tan Nhu Y is definitely one of my favourite places for this dish. 

Hang caught my brother stealing the grilled pork of my plate a number of times, so she sent out a complimentary plate of just the pork. Great service or what? She's such a lovely person and is well known for her fantastic people skills!

Avocado Smoothie

My little brother ordered this for himself and dug in as soon as it arrived at the table. It was very thick, creamy and perfectly sweet, just how I like it!

Jackfruit Smoothie

I adore fresh jackfruit and this smoothie is just as great! On this occasion, it was a little thin for my liking and but still had the sweetness and delicious flavour of jackfruit.

Occasionally, my family and I also like ordering takeaway from here whenever we're having a bit of a lazy evening and want to take a break. Some of our favourites are the Sweet and Sour Pork, Salt and Pepper Squid (great to have with a beer), Szechuan Beef and Salt and Pepper flounder.

Tan Nhu Y is one of our family's preferred places for a quick lunch or takeaway for dinner, and the service here is always great. I am not biased at all when I say that I would recommend it!

Overall, 8.5/10



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