Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Wasai Japanese Kitchen and Mother's Crepes

As a belated post UMAT celebration, a small group of us went out for dinner at Wasai on the weekend.
I had my expectations set quite high because I've heard such great things and most people seem to adore it.

Since I made the booking the day before, they were able to squeeze us in at 6pm but asked that we leave by 7:30pm. I was a bit worried that we would be rushed through our meal, but they assured me that the service would be very fast and we would have plenty of time to eat. I didn't think they actually meant it, but it was completely true! Within about 5 minutes of ordering, our food had arrived.

 Lemon & Lime Bitters $4
Hot Japanese Green Tea $2.20

We decided to get two drinks each. I am a tea lover and I really enjoyed the green tea!

 Deluxe Sushi and Sashimi Boat $58

I'm not a huge fan of sashimi and usually have little or none of it when given the option. However, we settled on this so that we could try as much as possible. I thought the sushi to sashimi ratio was a bit off, though. In my opinion, there should be a bit more sushi! The sushi that was on the boat was delicious, and I can't help but wish that there was more of it. I had no idea how to judge the sashimi since I don't usually eat it, but my friends seemed to enjoy it. We ended up leaving quite a bit of the sashimi, though.

 Takoyaki $8

We loved this! They were really light and fluffy on the inside with a very slightly crispy outer layer. I definitely would've liked a little bit more octupus in it, though.

Aburi Salmon Roll $11.50

I'm really glad we ordered this. It was delicious and I definitely recommend ordering it if you ever visit!

I know that we will definitely be returning to Wasai in the future. The waiters and waitresses were very friendly and the food was fantastic! However, next time I think we might stick to more sushi and less sashimi, and maybe even try out some things on their dessert menu. This is a place I would recommend and I can see what all the hype is about!

Overall, 9/10.

Our tummies weren't quite full so we decided to walk to Mother's Crepes on Grote Street for a bit of dessert. 

 Strawberry Brownie Crepe $6.20

Initially, I asked for this with ice cream instead of whipped cream but they said they were unable to do that. I was surprised because they have a whole section of ice cream filled crepes on their menu and I honestly wouldn't have minded paying an extra dollar or so. I ended up just asking for no whip cream at all. Firstly, what surprised me was the amount of custard in this. The ratio between the custard and everything else was seriously off. I did manage to finish it but it made me SO full! 

Small Black Sesame Ice Cream $2.80

A good friend of mine was raving about this and she'd had it twice in three days, and insisted that I try it! We shared this between us since each of us had a crepe, but we all loved it. It had a really nice nutty flavour and the perfect amount of sweetness. It might not look as appetising as the other options, but I definitely recommend trying it!

The service that night was great since it wasn't too busy when we were there. I have seen it really busy and the wait for a crepe would be approximately 5 minutes. Based solely on the experience I had that night, I would give it an 8/10.

Have a great week everyone!


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