Monday, 6 April 2015

Jamie's Italian

A catch up with the girls after I got back from my overseas trip was the perfect excuse to try out a place which I have been wanting to try since it opened, Jamie's Italian! I've heard mixed reviews, with people seeming to either love Jamie's or think it's overhyped and serves average food. 
Right off the bat, service was fabulous. We were warmly welcomed and spotted a few of my other friends who were dining there, and the staff were able to arrange for us to all sit together on a larger table without causing too much of a fuss.

We opted for just a few starters to nibble on and each ordered a main, which we ended up sharing anyway.

Homemade lemonade & lime bitters $5

Refresher $6.50
Fresh lemon, elderflower cordial & cranberry juice, topped with lemonade

Zucchini fritter $7.50
with lemon mayo & spiced pickles

These came out piping hot and were absolutely delicious! Crunchy from the batter but nice and soft on the inside. Perfect with the lemon mayo, I'd happily have the entire portion to myself.

Polenta chips $8.50
Crispy fried with rosemary salt & Parmesan

Now the girls and I love ourselves some polenta chips, so I we were definitely ordering them as soon as we spotted them on the menu. Unfortunately, I thought they were rather disappointing. I was hoping they'd be nice and crispy on the outside but they were just chewy, and not in a good way. Also, they weren't even warm!

Black angel spaghetti $25
Squid-ink pasta, scallops, chilli, anchovies, wine & capers

 Lamb & ricotta tortellini $26
Delicate parcels stuffed with braised aussie lamb, creamy ricotta, lemon, mint & crunchy, herby breadcrumbs

Tagliatelle bolognese $19.50
Ragu of beef, pork, herbs, Chianti & Parmesan with crunchy, herby breadcrumbs

Buffalo ricotta ravioli $24.50
Delicate parcels stuffed with creamy ricotta, lemon & mint

With all the pastas,  we all agreed the serving sizes did not justify the price. I wouldn't say the dishes here are expensive, but they're definitely above average price. In saying that however, the flavours were fantastic and everything was cooked perfectly. I ordered the buffalo ricotta ravioli and I really enjoyed the simplicity of it.

Onto our favourite part of the meal - the desserts!

Seasonal orange & almond tart $9
Orange and almond frangipane tart with creme fraiche ice cream & crisp orange chips

Not my favourite of all the desserts, but it was still delicious. I was worried it would be dry when it first arrived at our table but it wasn't at all. I really liked the subtle orange flavours and the presentation was great!

Epic Brownie $10
Warm fudgy brownie with amaretto ice cream & caramelised amaretti popcorn

Exactly what I expected and wanted it to me. Deliciously rich and chocolatey, thank goodness we were sharing all the desserts because I wouldn't have been able to finish this by myself!

Creamy panna cotta $8.50
Lovely wobbly panna cotta served with a compote of seasonal fruits

I'd definitely recommend ordering if you love panna cotta as much as some of the girls do. Very creamy yet still light, it was delicious with the compote!

 Lemon Meringue Pie $11
With limoncello & crunchy pistachio brittle

Anyone who knows my preferences in food will tell you that I'm an absolute sucker for citrus flavours. The lemon filling was tangy, tart and not overly sweet - right up my alley! There were a bit too much meringue for my liking but no worries at all, any excess meringue was just knocked to the side of the dish.

Tiramisu $11
Coffee-flavoured trifle with orange mascarpone & chocolate

Possibly one of the most unattractive dishes I've seen in quite some time, but looks are deceving. This was my favourite of them all and would happily polish off an entire serving by myself, even after a serve of pasta! The coffee flavour was not too strong and was perfect with the orange mascarpone. Overall it was a light and fluffy, making it very easy to eat. SO good!

I wasn't expecting to be blown away by Jamie's but it definitely left a great first impression. The service was fantastic and we had a great waitress who clearly knew what she was talking about when it came to the menu. Although the pastas weren't as great as I was hoping they'd be, the desserts definitely made up for it! I do plan on visiting again; writing this post up has made me hungry and given me a bit of a craving for pasta!

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