Sunday, 19 April 2015

Delicatessen Kitchen & Bar

Finding new spots to try in the CBD has become increasingly difficult for me, so when Delicatessen popped up on our radar, my fellow foodie friend Julie and I planned a lunch date for the very next day! At midday, we turned up without a booking and were lucky enough to score one of the last free tables there.

Flat bread, jamon, rouquette, soft cheese, olive oil $13.90

A winning combination; we couldn't fault it! The cheese was divine, and we found out that the the soft cheese used varies depending on what is available, but the particular cheese used that day was Brillat savarin, a French soft cheese made from cow's milk. Deliciously creamy, we could easily have eaten more than what was on the plate!

 New York Reuben sandwich $15.90

What a beast of a Reuben! Ever since my visit to Melbourne and trying my first ever Reuben at Manchester Press, I've been wanting to find an equally delicious one in Adelaide. I'd actually forgotten about this mini mission of mine until I saw this item on the menu and I knew I just had to order it. Unfortunately it wasn't as good as the one from Manchester Press, but I have to say it was still pretty tasty. I don't usually mind a bit of sauerkraut but I wasn't a huge fan of this one, which I thought still had too much crunch in it and an under-developed flavour. However, Julie doesn't like sauerkraut but actually enjoyed it in this! The beef was tender and overall it was a good sandwich, but not quite great. We couldn't really pinpoint what was missing, but we knew it was missing something that would really make it pop. Perhaps more flavour in the beef? More of the Russian dressing?
I can't imagine ever tackling this sandwich on my own, it was huge!

 Roast pumpkin, soft cheese, witlof, orange, prosciutto, baby cos, vincotto salad $17

Let's play a little game of spot the difference... can you spot what's missing in the first photo compared to the second?

When this dish was first brought out and once Julie and I had stopped admiring how delicious it looked, she asked me if I could spot any roast pumpkin. Luckily, our waiter realised the mistake before we even called him over and it was brought back to the kitchen and topped with the missing element! I think this was my favourite dish of all the ones we ordered. It was light, fresh and absolutely delicious. The prosciutto was so tender, and a forkful containing each of the different elements was just perfect. We had to call the waiter over after we spent a while deliberating over what cheese was used. Again, it was the Brillat savarin but it tasted completely different in this dish. I was saying how the dish would have worked even without the pumpkin, but Julie thought without the pumpkin, the dish would be more suitable as a side and I definitely agree.

Oh what a meal! The quality of the food was excellent and we really enjoyed every single dish. The food took 45 minutes to arrive at the table which we thought was a little exorbitant, but at least it was worth the wait. Also, for what you get, the prices are fantastic - we split the bill and each paid under $25! I am definitely coming back to try out more of the menu.  

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