Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Market St

Lately, I've barely been eating out. Uni and work have been taking over my life so I was in desperate need of some R&R, giving the bestie and I the perfect reason (not like we'd need one to see each other, anyway) to catch up for brunch and some much needed girl time! Scrolling through instagram a while back, I'd noticed Market St on fellow foodies' pages and made a note to visit as soon as I could.

Finding it was easy, located on Market St just off Gouger St. It was bright, airy and open, my favourite kind of environment to be in!

Look at that giant creme brulee tart!

 SOS Juice $7
Orange, beetroot, pineapple, carrot, lemon, ginger, mint

Salute to the Sun Juice $7
Apple, spinach, cucumber, mint

Market St Steak Sandwich $16.90
Marinated eye fillet, bacon, caramelised onion, rocket, kipfler frites, tomato jam

Ohhh my goodness. This was amazing! We first tried the chips which were fried to absolute perfection. The sandwich itself was delicious, an explosion of flavours with each bite. Would definitely recommend this for someone looking for a filling lunch!

 Zucchini feta fritters $16.90
with carrot and ginger chutney

I loved the presentation of the leaves on the side which were dressed with a delicious fresh and citrusy vinaigrette. The fritters themselves were an absolute delight - creamy yet still light, with the only improvement I'd suggest is slightly crispier edges. In saying that however, the root vegetable chips on top added that extra little bit of crunch. The feta was not too salty, which we also liked. There wasn't anything too memorable about the chutney, but overall this is a dish I would order again!

Market St gave a great first impression and with such fantastic food, service and atmosphere, I will most definitely be back again. The baked goods also look amazing, and we've promised ourselves to come back for the delicious looking almond croissants!

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