Monday, 2 February 2015

Waffle's Waffles and Coffee

A few friends of mine over on twitter suggested I try out Waffles, saying they made the best waffles in Adelaide. My current favourite waffles are from Copenhagen in Henley Beach, so I was keen to see whether Waffles could give them a run for their money!  

Struggling to understand what that sentence actually means :P

Absolutely empty on a Wednesday morning apart from my friend and me! While deciding on what to order, my friend who has eaten here before recommended we only order half waffles because the full waffles are huge.

Blueberry smoothie $5.20

Half Combination Waffle $8.60
Half belgium waffle, strawberry, banana, ice cream, cream

Half Fruit Belgium Waffle $10.60
Half belgium waffle, strawberry, kiwi, ice cream

 Both waffles were served with a generous amount of fruit as well as a dense, creamy vanilla ice cream. I was let down when I tasted the waffles as they were cold and so unsatisfying to eat. Simply toasting the waffles would have made a huge difference! I was really hoping that the chocolate drizzled over the top would be actual melted chocolate but it tasted just like the cheap chocolate ice cream sauce you buy from supermarkets.

Rather disappointing, don't think I'll be back any time soon. If they made a few little adjustments to the way the dishes are served, this place would be an absolute winner! Copenhagen is still definitely my place of choice to get a waffle fix.

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