Friday, 29 November 2013

Hahndorf Day Trip Part 3: Candles

This is not a post for the foodies (sorry!), but one for those who adore candles like me.
There's just something about candles. The way they instantly set the mood, their scents, the way it glows... I just really, really love candles! So I was very pleased when I was able to come across 2 awesome candle shops in Hahndorf and really wanted to share them with you.

Hahndorf Candlemaker

One of the beautiful window displays, all decked out for Christmas. Those wooden carvings in the display are handcrafted and handpainted, with some retailing for up to $700 in store!

Turns out photography wasn't allowed... something I found after snapping a few images and then coming across a sign that said 'No photography allowed'. Oops! Everything was just so elaborate and beautiful, I just couldn't help myself. I'll share with you 3 images I have, anyway.

From inside the other window display.

Some of the beautiful candles. There were scents such as Frankincense, Pomegranate, Green Tea and Strawberry, all in varying sizes according to how long they burnt for. These candles are special because as they burn, they don't melt into puddles like normal candles do, they melt into different shapes! I don't have a picture, but it reminded me of octopus tentacles - though more smooth and artistic!

Gorgeous Christmas Spice Candles

They also sold mini handcarved wooden sculptures, such as soldiers and Christmas trees, but also huge scenes such as houses, castles or snowflakes. Absolutely amazing to look at! 

3 Wishes Candle Barn

Just when I thought the Hahndorf Candlemaker was the coolest candle store, I came across the 3 Wishes Candle Barn.

This is quite possibly my new favourite brand/manufacturer of candles. Even better than Glasshouse candles, and that's saying something because I adore them!

Located in a super cute barn!

The candles are just divine. The scents are amazing and there is such a wide selection! One of my favourites would have to be Fresh Coffee. If I hadn't known it was a candle, I would have seriously attempted to drink it! I also loved Midnight, a very fresh and calming scent. Something I can imagine myself burning before bed time, or in my lounge room.

Also, they look great!

They even had a Chanel No. 5 candle!

For $12, you can make your own candle! I'm SO doing this next time.

Can't wait for my next visit because I'll definitely be stocking up on more of these candles! 

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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Hahndorf Day Trip Part 2: Otto's Bakery and Chocolate @ No. 5

Fresh off the bus that morning, we first decided to go for a walk up Main St.
We managed to walk the entire length of the street and stopped at Otto's Bakery after my friend Dimi said her father recommended it.

We were very keen for lunch, however The Haus doesn't serve lunch until 12pm on Saturdays and it was only about 11am, so we decided to stop for a quick coffee/tea break.

Earl Grey tea $3

Blueberry cheesecake $4 (I think)

We didn't want to eat much because we knew we would be treating ourselves at lunch, however there was something very appealing about this. It was tasty, but nothing too special in my opinion. I'm glad we shared it because our lunch was rather spectacular! 

The pies also smelt delicious but we managed to resist them. My friend who lives in Hahndorf says the people who work there can be rather grumpy, which coincides with the comments on Urbanspoon. On this experience, the young girl who served us was very friendly!


A few hours after lunch and just before we left, we decided we just had to stop at Chocolate No. 5.

If you have seen my post about our lunch, you'll understand when I say that there was no way we would have been able to fit Belgian waffles or even some fondue in our stomachs, even 3 hours after lunch! We opted for a warm drink each since it was starting to rain lightly.

Earl Grey tea $4

Chai Latte $5.50

One of the best chai lattes I have ever had, and absolutely perfect on that chilly afternoon. It was so smooth and creamy, and didn't leave that awful powdery aftertaste that you get with cheaper ones. Try it if you love yourself a good chai latte!

I'm a little disappointed that I wasn't able to try more of the menu, but I definitely will on my next visit! I've heard from that the waffles are absolutely delicious, so they're definitely on my To Try list.

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Monday, 25 November 2013

Hahndorf Day Trip Part 1: The Haus

Oh, Hahndorf. Such a charming, picturesque and lovely place to wind down instead of going to Schoolies! Or so we thought... My friends and I made the mistake of choosing to visit on a Saturday, when it was swarming with tourists! However, it was still so much fun to discover on our own.

This was actually our second stop of the day, food-wise. The Haus was chosen as our destination for lunch! 

The view from our table. We were tucked into a little alcove which was rather nice because we were right next to glass doors which let in a lot of light, and we were also able to have a little privacy!

Pipsqueak Adelaide Hills Pear Cider $9

Sophie's drink choice. I'm not much of an expert on alcohol (yet...), but I had a sip and thought it was a refreshing way to begin what was to be a very, VERY filling lunch.

Agrum Citrus $4

An overview of everything we ordered. Looking back at it now, I'm surprised at how much of it the four of us girls were able to get through! We thought that the pizzas wouldn't be too large, but boy were we wrong...

The Herbivore $19.90
Roasted pumpkin, semi-dried tomatoes, fetta cheese, pesto & rocket

I don't know if it was because I forgot to have breakfast that morning and was therefore starving by lunchtime, but this was so delicious. I love my pizzas simple, and occasionally with a pesto instead of a tomato sauce base. Thin crust pizzas are also my favourite, so this definitely ticked all the right boxes!

The Peninsula $23.90
Prawns, smoked salmon, capers, onion, lemon & dill aioli drizzle

Wow. Let's just say if you love seafood as much as my friends and I do (a whole lot), then you'll love this pizza. Everything worked beautifully together, and although I wouldn't call this pizza 'simple', I really enjoyed it!

Trio of Wursts $28.90
Chef's selection of German specialty sausages: Bockwurst, Bratwurst & Cheese Kransky, served with creamy mustard potato bake, sauerkraut & mustards

 I've seen plenty of my friends post instagram photos of delicious looking wursts whenever they visit Hahndorf, so this is what I was looking forward to the most! Unfortunately, these were a bit of a disappointment. I did enjoy the Bockwurst and Cheese Kransky, but the Bratwurst was a bit too dense and firm for my liking. It's a good thing we decided to share everything we ordered because I can't imagine myself ever finishing this on my own. The Haus would probably be the place to avoid if you're looking for wursts, in my opinion. 

Haus fries served with garlic aioli $6.90

We all agreed these were some of the best fries we had ever tasted. Not too crispy on the outside but amazingly fluffy on the inside, lightly seasoned with herbed salt and delicious when paired with the aioli. Definitely something you must try if you ever visit (which you totally should!).

Caramelised pear & rocket salad served with blue cheese, prosciutto & toasted walnuts $8

We ordered this without the blue cheese. Such a great salad and much needed to cut through those wursts. One of my favourite salad combinations and very well done by The Haus!

I'm so glad we decided to come here for lunch because the food was excellent! We ordered far too much, so decided to get through as much of everything but the pizzas because they would be easier to take home. We ended up taking home the equivalent of one pizza. 

The service was fantastic. We hadn't made a booking but the most lovely waiter managed to squeeze us onto a table. The waitresses were so friendly, helpful and attentive throughout the entire meal without being the pesky type. The food came out so quickly even though it was packed! 
Does anyone else find it awesome when someone taking your order is able to memorise it all without needing to write it down? I think it just adds to the whole atmosphere of the restaurant. It was a great choice for lunch, as we saw a whole variety of different groups of people; from couples to families, seniors to tourists, to an entire wedding function, it could definitely be said that The Haus is a fantastic place enjoyed by many! We left completely stuffed but very content, ready to explore the rest of Main St.

Overall, 9/10
You MUST try the pizzas and Haus fries!

Look out for Parts 2, 34 in my mini "Hahndorf Day Trip" series :)

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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Red Door Bakery [3]

After my last year 12  exam, I knew I didn't want to go out to eat because I just wasn't in the mood to be chirpy and look presentable after 3 hours of Chemistry, so I visited Red Door Bakery to pick up a few goodies to take home and enjoy!

Lentil, pea and spinach pie $5.50

I love how I could taste the individual ingredients and textures. Definitely a nice alternative to the usual beef or chicken pie.

Hazelnut Praline Twist $3.50

Not overly sweet, and the pastry was nice and light. My little brother really enjoyed this! 

Crème brûlée tarts $4.50

Love love love these! I get them every time I visit and just don't think it's possible to dislike these if you enjoy crème brûlée. 

There's not much to say other than everything was absolutely delicious and I'm never left disappointed after any visit!

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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Muratti's Cakes and Gateaux

For a bit of a sister bonding sesh, my sister and I went out for a morning coffee at Muratti's!

 So many gorgeous cakes!

Salted caramel macaron
$9.60 altogether

It's all about the details! The dark chocolate dipped dried apricots (placed on the spoons) were a lovely little treat on the side to enjoy with the lattes.

They've finally picked up their game with the macarons! Or perhaps they are just more fresh. The past few times I've had the macarons, they've been extremely dry and crumbly - very unpleasant! This time, however, it was the complete opposite and definitely much more enjoyable. This is just my personal preference, but I prefer them to be slightly chewier.

Mini jam and cream eclair
Mini citron tart
$6.40 for both

The eclair's texture was too spongey and chewy for my liking and was overall lacking in flavour. Super pretty but not worth trying, unfortunately!
The citron is one of our absolute favourites - it has the perfect amount of sweetness with just the right amount of tang. Delicious!

It's impossible to dislike Muratti's, with it's delicious cakes and coffee, and consistently great service. Give it a go if you haven't already! Also, their cakes are perfect for birthdays. My family's favourites are the Citron, Concorde and Coffee & Bailey's.

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