Thursday, 7 November 2013

The Curious Squire

Yes, the excuse for today's outing was also the stress of year 12 exams! Three of my good friends an dI decided to have a nice, relaxing lunch at The Curious Squire amidst an intense study session.

A portion of the bar

The interior, as seen from the base of the steps outside

Although it would have been nice and quiet inside, it was such a beautiful, sunny day so we decided to sit outside, which was accessible up the steps.

Luscious Lychee $18

Sophie, being the only legal one of the 4 of us, ordered herself a nice cocktail. She really enjoyed it, and although I couldn't taste any of it because I was driving, it smelt like fresh lychees and looked super pretty! Perfect for summer, I'd say. Worth $18 though? I don't know...

Buffalo wings $14

These were served with a really thin sauce which reminded me of tzatziki. I really wanted to like them but I felt as if the meat itself needed a lot more flavour. Also, if the sauce was just a bit thicker so that it clung to the wings, it would have been a much yummier starter!

Potato skins $9.50

We were super excited about these! The first bite was great, but I found it less appetising as I continued eating. I thought there could be even less potato in it so that the skins could be even crisper, because the starchy potato inside detracts from the overall appeal in my opinion.

I like how the cutlery is presented!

Chicken Tikka wood oven pizza $22
Onion, tomato, iceberg lettuce, mint yoghurt, chat masala

Eileen and Sophie ordered this to share, but we all ended up trying some since it was huge! I was rather intrigued when I saw that there was iceberg lettuce on a pizza, but it actually added another texture which I actually really enjoyed. It was spicy but the mint yoghurt definitely balanced it out nicely. I would still recommend avoiding this if you don't like spicy food. 
Also, I think they forgot to mention red and green peppers in the list of toppings... because there was definitely a lot of it!

Cheeseburger with fries $16.50

Natalie's order, and she definitely enjoyed it! I think for people who enjoy simpler meals, this would be perfect.

Sliders Trio $22
Trio of Angus beef, southern fries chicken, stadium pup and fries

I don't really know what possessed me to think I'd be able to finish this on my own after those starters. Thank goodness for my friends! 
A general comment which would apply to the entire dish was I love how soft and sweet the buns were. They're my favourite kind of burger bun, so that definitely made everything more enjoyable! Also, the fries were very pale which worried me initially, but they were delicious and crunchy. 

Stadium pup

Super cute little hotdog! Pretty standard and what I would expect a {slightly fancier} hotdog to taste like. 

Southern Fried Chicken slider

The chicken was soft on the inside but perfectly crispy due to the batter on the outside. Everything just worked in this slider, and it was definitely my favourite of them all!

Angus beef slider

An absolute classic, and done very well!

We left absolutely stuffed to the brim after an extremely enjoyable lunch. 
The ambience was so lovely, particularly outside. Overall, I'd say the Curious Squire gave off a casual yet still sophisticated vibe, if that makes any sense at all! There was such a huge variety of people sitting outside with us- business men, a young family, a group of uni students and a trio of older women as well as us. Natalie commented that it was nice how they didn't try to squeeze in as many tables as possible outside, like how some other popular eateries do, which definitely added with the relaxed vibe. The man who greeted and served us as well as the waitresses were so friendly, making us feeling right at home. I also really liked how the food was presented; very modern and simplistic. I think if you enjoy places such as Grace the Establishment, you'd definitely like this (I like the vibe here a lot more!). Next time, we'll be more careful with ordering and make room for dessert! I'm particularly intrigued by the deep fried oreos and nutella pizza.

A place definitely worth visiting for the delicious food, great vibe and fantastic service!

Overall, 8.5/10 

(I'm pretty shocked by the ratings on Urbanspoon)

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