Monday, 21 October 2013


My friend Natalie and I decided to try somewhere new for a quick lunch so we visited Burgastronomy for some takeaway!

 Signature $11
Beef, lettuce, cheese, pickles, mayonnaise & ketchup
Sweet potato chips $3 with burger, $5 alone

We both ordered the Signature, and it was a great burger! I was worried that bun would be too thick and dense as I saw them preparing it but it was nice and fluffy, though definitely not as soft as Burger Theory's. My friend's only complaint was that the pickles were thicker than usual, about 5-7mm thick. She didn't like but I actually found myself liking it as it had a nice crisp and tang to cut through the rest of the burger.

The sweet potato chips had a great texture - slightly crunchy on the outside but really smooth and creamy on the inside (it's strange to describe sweet potatoes as creamy, but just go with it!). Unfortunately, they were WAY too salty which made them rather unpleasant. Also, some of them were extremely burnt. I'll be sticking to Argo on the Parade for my fix of sweet potato fries! 

The staff were super friendly and we were lucky to get our takeaway within about 10 minutes, although it wasn't very crowded that day. The burgers were delicious and I'll definitely be back to try rest of menu!

Overall 9/10

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