Saturday, 12 October 2013

Burger Theory [2]

The Burger Theory now have a permanent location in the CBD! Just a stone's throw away from Rundle Mall on Union St, just off Rundle Street. My sister and I decided to pop in to fuel up before a bit of a shopping spree.

Indoor and outdoor seating options 

Okay, the following two photos are equally dodgy and I couldn't decide which to include, so both are there!

 New menu options for breakfast as well as new burgers, thickshakes, waffles, beer, wine and cider

 The counter

We weren't feeling too hungry so we ordered a few things to share.

 #3 Burger of the Month: 
NY Style Hot Dog, McClure's Brooklyn pickles, Dijon Mustard, Heinz ketchup and American Cheese $11
Fries $3.50

I thought this was actually meant to be a hot dog and was pretty surprised when my sister opened it up to reveal a sausage within the burger! The patty was delicious and juicy, but a bit too salty this time round for my liking. I was really hoping the pickles would have enough 'zing' to cut through the richness of all that meat, but unfortunately this wasn't the case. I think this burger was missing the usual wow-factor that I would get from eating a number 1. Thank goodness we ate half each - I don't think I would have been able to finish it because it was so filling!

Butter waffle $4
+ one scoop of chocolate ice cream $2.50

First of all, we actually ordered vanilla ice cream rather than chocolate but oh well! The ice cream was delicious and creamy, and swirled with what seemed to be something similar to hot fudge (but cold). The butter waffle was super dense on its own but tasted great with the ice cream, which it needed to contrast the rich buttery-ness. 

The new location and how everything is set up is great, but to be quite honest, I was a little disappointed with what I ordered that day. Nothing really stood out, though I wouldn't exactly say that it was a bad meal. The wait for the food wasn't too bad - it was really packed but we only had to wait about 15 minutes.
Oh I wish I had a lot more positive things to say about my visit because I wanted to like it so badly!

However, I do love the Burger Theory team and their philosophy of food, so there will be plenty more opportunities in the future for them to redeem themselves in my eyes! We were tossing up between the #3 - Burger of the Month and #5 - a chicken burger with Caesar sauce, which I will try the next time I'm there! Also, I'd like to try the new thickshakes and possibly even a few items off the breakfast menu if I'm ever there early enough.

Based solely on this visit, 8/10

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The Burger Theory store is located at 8-10 Union St, Adelaide 5000

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