Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Chopstix on Rundle

One of my best friends, Zoe, and I caught up over lunch at one of her favourite stops for Asian food, Chopstix on Rundle Street.

Vegetables and Tofu with Flaming Satay Sauce $10.90

No, that orange flare in the centre of the image is not just a trick of the light - it's a flame! It was rather exciting seeing the waiter bring this over to our table :)
A great lunch of a whole bunch of my favourite veggies tossed in a peanut satay sauce that wasn't overly greasy and thick. I think it would have also tasted great with rice, which we decided to not order that day.

Vegetables and Tofu with Oyster Garlic Sauce $10.90

Zoe ordered something very similar to mine - all the same veggies but in a different sauce. She enjoyed it but said that her favourite is still the Lemongrass Vegetables and Tofu!

Chopstix was a great place for lunch in a relaxed, casual setting. The lunch deal meant that we enjoyed cheap but tasty meals! I'd recommend it for a quick fix of Asian food if you're ever in the CBD for lunch. 

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