Friday, 29 November 2013

Hahndorf Day Trip Part 3: Candles

This is not a post for the foodies (sorry!), but one for those who adore candles like me.
There's just something about candles. The way they instantly set the mood, their scents, the way it glows... I just really, really love candles! So I was very pleased when I was able to come across 2 awesome candle shops in Hahndorf and really wanted to share them with you.

Hahndorf Candlemaker

One of the beautiful window displays, all decked out for Christmas. Those wooden carvings in the display are handcrafted and handpainted, with some retailing for up to $700 in store!

Turns out photography wasn't allowed... something I found after snapping a few images and then coming across a sign that said 'No photography allowed'. Oops! Everything was just so elaborate and beautiful, I just couldn't help myself. I'll share with you 3 images I have, anyway.

From inside the other window display.

Some of the beautiful candles. There were scents such as Frankincense, Pomegranate, Green Tea and Strawberry, all in varying sizes according to how long they burnt for. These candles are special because as they burn, they don't melt into puddles like normal candles do, they melt into different shapes! I don't have a picture, but it reminded me of octopus tentacles - though more smooth and artistic!

Gorgeous Christmas Spice Candles

They also sold mini handcarved wooden sculptures, such as soldiers and Christmas trees, but also huge scenes such as houses, castles or snowflakes. Absolutely amazing to look at! 

3 Wishes Candle Barn

Just when I thought the Hahndorf Candlemaker was the coolest candle store, I came across the 3 Wishes Candle Barn.

This is quite possibly my new favourite brand/manufacturer of candles. Even better than Glasshouse candles, and that's saying something because I adore them!

Located in a super cute barn!

The candles are just divine. The scents are amazing and there is such a wide selection! One of my favourites would have to be Fresh Coffee. If I hadn't known it was a candle, I would have seriously attempted to drink it! I also loved Midnight, a very fresh and calming scent. Something I can imagine myself burning before bed time, or in my lounge room.

Also, they look great!

They even had a Chanel No. 5 candle!

For $12, you can make your own candle! I'm SO doing this next time.

Can't wait for my next visit because I'll definitely be stocking up on more of these candles! 

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  1. Candles are my favourite thing! I love that candle shop in Hahndorf. If you haven't already, you need to visit Candleberry Lane in Tea Tree Plus, Modbury. They are Australia's biggest Yankee Candle store. I was there today and bought a Christmas candle (that smells of spices and gingerbread), salted caramel, and pumpkin pie!

    1. Oh that sounds amazing! I'll definitely keep it in mind if I'm ever in the area.

  2. OMG it is like a little candle heaven <3 I wish melbourne had a store like this :(

    [btw, you can get yankee candles from but they have very limited amount and the candles normally sells out pretty fast]