Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Muratti's Cakes and Gateaux

For a bit of a sister bonding sesh, my sister and I went out for a morning coffee at Muratti's!

 So many gorgeous cakes!

Salted caramel macaron
$9.60 altogether

It's all about the details! The dark chocolate dipped dried apricots (placed on the spoons) were a lovely little treat on the side to enjoy with the lattes.

They've finally picked up their game with the macarons! Or perhaps they are just more fresh. The past few times I've had the macarons, they've been extremely dry and crumbly - very unpleasant! This time, however, it was the complete opposite and definitely much more enjoyable. This is just my personal preference, but I prefer them to be slightly chewier.

Mini jam and cream eclair
Mini citron tart
$6.40 for both

The eclair's texture was too spongey and chewy for my liking and was overall lacking in flavour. Super pretty but not worth trying, unfortunately!
The citron is one of our absolute favourites - it has the perfect amount of sweetness with just the right amount of tang. Delicious!

It's impossible to dislike Muratti's, with it's delicious cakes and coffee, and consistently great service. Give it a go if you haven't already! Also, their cakes are perfect for birthdays. My family's favourites are the Citron, Concorde and Coffee & Bailey's.

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