Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Red Door Bakery [3]

After my last year 12  exam, I knew I didn't want to go out to eat because I just wasn't in the mood to be chirpy and look presentable after 3 hours of Chemistry, so I visited Red Door Bakery to pick up a few goodies to take home and enjoy!

Lentil, pea and spinach pie $5.50

I love how I could taste the individual ingredients and textures. Definitely a nice alternative to the usual beef or chicken pie.

Hazelnut Praline Twist $3.50

Not overly sweet, and the pastry was nice and light. My little brother really enjoyed this! 

Crème brûlée tarts $4.50

Love love love these! I get them every time I visit and just don't think it's possible to dislike these if you enjoy crème brûlée. 

There's not much to say other than everything was absolutely delicious and I'm never left disappointed after any visit!

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