Thursday, 18 September 2014

Argo on the Square [2]

Having friends scattered across different universities is the perfect excuse for catching up over some good food! Not that an excuse is ever necessary when you just want to see a good friend, of course. The lovely Jenny and I were long overdue for a catch up, so we decided to visit Argo on the Square for somewhat of a healthier lunch.

Missango Smoothie $6.50
Fresh strawberries, mint, mango, yoghurt & milk

A refreshing start to my lunch! I couldn't taste any mango in it though...

 Heart 2 Soul Piadina $12.90
Haloumi cheese, roasted capsicum, grilled zucchini, baby spinach & artichoke basil pesto

The moment I spotted Haloumi on the menu, I set my mind on ordering it! I couldn't wait to dig in once it arrived. Unfortunately, I found it far too salty, with the roasted capsicum and basil pesto overwhelming the everything. It was all I could taste! Something I also noticed was that for each portion, one piece of bread was perfectly toasted whilst the other warm and soggy. A bit strange, and it further detracted from the enjoyment of the meal.

 Empire Wrap $12.90
Falafel, quinoa tabbouleh, avocado, mixed lettuce, hummus & Argo Australian Pomegranate Balsamic Vinegar

Jenny ordered this beauty and was very pleased with it! It looked super filling which would be perfect for a long day at uni.

Small fries with aioli $5.90

So these were meant to be sweet potato fries which I absolutely adore from Argo's! There must've been a mix up in the kitchen because instead of the sweet potato goodness we were expecting, we were given regular potato fries. We didn't make too much of a fuss since they had already arrived about 15 minutes after our piadina and wrap, and sending them back into the kitchen to be replaced by sweet potato fries would have taken a further 10 minutes, according to the waitress! The fries were on the soggy side but at least they had the perfect amount of salt on them. The aioli tasted a little funky though, and not in a good way! The both of us agreed it tasted like a combination of bad aioli and tartare sauce, but without that tanginess. 

A slightly disappointing meal for me this time round, but I think Jenny definitely enjoyed her wrap! I'm rarely disappointed by Argo's (either on the Square or the Parade) so I will be back, but making a mental note to avoid this piadina in particular. I'd recommend the salads and fresh juices!

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If you ever have a bit of a craving for haloumi like I did on this particular occasion, visit Bambi's Kitchen (formerly Horner & Pratt) and order the haloumi wraps - SO good!

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