Monday, 22 September 2014

Bar 9 Central

I can finally cross Bar 9 Central off my list of places to visit. Yay!
Natalie, Angela and I decided to visit for brunch today in order to beat the hectic lunch time service.

Cute table numbers and menus presented in children's books

English breakfast iced tea served with lemon and mint $5

Green tea iced tea served with lemon and mint $5

Truffle Mushroom Ragu $18
Creamy ragu on toast with poached eggs and finished with truffle honey

I love mushrooms. I also love poached eggs. What could possibly go wrong?
I was really looking forward to trying this having seen photos of it and people raving about it all over Instagram. I happened to look over to the kitchen while my meal was being prepared and saw the chef heating up something that looked like really unpleasant grey-brown slop. Sound unpleasant? That's exactly how it looked. Only when he started plating up the food did I realise that the slop I saw was actually the mushroom ragu... 
Getting over the initial shock and disregarding the colour of the ragu, the overall presentation of the dish was great. Unfortunately, both Natalie and I found the mushroom ragu itself far too salty. Thank goodness we had both ordered those refreshing iced teas because it would have been a very difficult meal to eat! My favourite things were the poached eggs which had a delicious, runny yolk which was amazing over the toast.

Ham & Fried Egg Roll $11
in-house tomato relish, aioli & cheese

Oh, just look at that yolk oozing out! Angela really enjoyed this and couldn't fault it at all. It looked like it was on the smaller side so I wouldn't recommend ordering only this for lunch and expecting to feel full afterwards.

I think I'm still on the fence with this. A pretty disappointing experience today, but I'm so sure that they have way more to offer in terms of food!

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