Monday, 8 September 2014


A place that's been on my list of places to visit for quite a while now is Mamachau. I popped in once for a takeaway KFC bao but felt I definitely needed to return to try more of what's on offer. My friends and I stopped by on our way home from uni, keen to get our hands on the baos!

Small but super cute, complete with adorable drawings on the walls and only a few tables available to actually dine in.

The menu. I just love how cute it is! Look at Mr Bao :)

Meal deals and more menu items!


Asian Taco Meal Deal $11.50

I went with one of the meal deals so we could all share the lotus root chips. Each of the 4 of us ordered a KFC and pork belly bao. The lotus chips were waaay too salty for our liking, thank goodness I had a drink!

 Master-stock pork belly bao

The rich flavours of the pork belly went so well with the pickled mustard greens, all wrapped up in a super fluffy 'taco'! Seeing them make this on the spot, it was nice to see all the pork belly stored in the stock in a bain-marie. This was probably a reason why the meat was so tender and flavourful. (*cough cough* take note, Sit Lo). 

 KFC bao

 My favourite of the two, although the pork belly was still delicious! The crunchy chicken was lightly seasoned and complimented perfectly by the tangy mayo and slaw. The only improvement I would've liked would be to have the mayo squirted between the slaw and chicken rather than the bao and chicken. Sounds weird, but I think it would make a huge difference in blending the flavours from the three main components!

We definitely weren't disappointed with lunch and will most definitely be returning. In fact, we visited on Thursday last week and will probably be going again tomorrow! Such fantastic value, especially for us uni students. Next time I return, I will probably just stick to the baos, which are $3.50 when purchased individually. The service is also commendable, with the friendliest girls ever behind the counter!

Great first impression, I definitely recommend it.

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