Monday, 13 October 2014

Base Bar

A BIG happy birthday to the beautiful Michelle and Camella who treated our group of friends out to dinner at Base Bar to celebrate their 19th! This was my second visit to Base and I was very impressed the first time so I couldn't wait to come back, especially since they had changed the menu. 

Margherita $15
Roma tomato, garlic, oregano, bocconcini & torn basil

Barossa meats $21
Tomato base, bacon, shaved ham, salami and mushroom

A firm favourite amongst the group, particularly for those who like eating mushrooms.

Bianca $12
Mozzarella, parmesan, rosemary, garlic, sea salt and olive oil

This was like eating garlic bread with cheese on top. Seriously addictive!

Prosciutto $22
Salami, prosciutto and kalamata olives

All the wood fired pizzas were just how I like my pizzas - simple toppings on a thin and crispy base. Delicious!

Free range chicken breast sliders
Provolone cheese, salad greens and garlic aioli served with fries

[Back] Pulled pork sliders
House slaw and chipotle aioli served with fries
[Front] Vegetarian sliders
House made veggie pattie with salad leaves and a cucumber mint yoghurt served with fries

Of the 3 slider options on the menu, I tried the pulled pork and was unfortunately quite disappointed. The pork was quite dry, tough and lacking in flavour. Thank goodness for the house slaw and aioli which stopped it from being bland. Everyone else seemed to enjoy the other sliders!
The chips. Oh. My. Goodness. I probably could have eaten an entire mini deep fryer basket-full! They were piping hot with a thin but crispy outer skin and soft, doughy innards. Also perfectly salted! Great on their own but I think they would've tasted amazing with a bit of aioli.

Base Bar continues to impress, and is the perfect destination for dinner on a warm summer evening with a really relaxed atmosphere. I would definitely recommend it for the great food and cocktails, which I didn't have this time round but really enjoyed the first time I visited. 

Just a few pictures from my first visit - 

The spread

 Kiwi Caprioska and Cosmopolitan

A great option for dining in small groups of around 6-8 people (we had 12 and had to have two tables pushed together!). They don't take bookings so it's better to get there a little earlier to ensure you get a table. Service this time was a little too casual and rushed, but we weren't too fussed - we were too busy enjoying each other's company!

Once again, happy birthday to C & M and thank you for dinner! 

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