Wednesday, 1 October 2014


The bestie and I turned up at Eggless just five minutes before opening time to find a crazy long line. We stayed anyway after contemplating whether or not to leave and go somewhere else, and were lucky enough to get the last two seats just as service started!

I'd already had a quick look at the September menu online and to be honest, nothing really appealed to me. Once we were seated, we had a look at the 4 desserts in the tasting platter and weren't too keen on those either. We ended up choosing two desserts to share.

Banoffee Sundae $10
Bananas, vanilla bean ice cream, Butterscotch , Toffee, Chocolate

When this was brought out, the waitress told us to be liberal with the butterscotch sauce because it was amazing - and it was! Easily the best part of the dessert because the rest of the dessert was mainly bananas and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Nothing special and we agreed it was not quite worth $10.

Latte Cheesecake Jar $10
Espresso Syrup, Dates, Cacao Nibs, Biscuits

Amazing flavours and textures, all in a little jar! We really enjoyed the creamy cheesecake with the chewy dates and sticky syrup. The only complaint we had was that the cheesecake was not completely smooth and there were bits of cream cheese in it due to the uneven mixing.

Unfortunately not the best meal I've had at Eggless. I really like how the menu changes up every month so that there are always plenty of different options to choose from. Most of the desserts are also really affordable, taste fantastic and always well presented. Occasionally though, I guess the quality does slip just a little, like it did on this particular occasion. One of my favourite things here is the service - everyone is always friendly and welcoming with a huge smile on their faces. The owner even gave me a fist bump when he saw us leave!

Just a quick note - It's Eggless' 5th Anniversary next week so on Friday night (3rd of October 2014) all their desserts will be $5! I'm sure there will be people lining up extra early so get there way before 8pm to ensure you get a seat before the food runs out. 

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