Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Cafe Troppo

A gorgeous sunny morning a few days ago saw me catching up with a friend over a relaxing breakfast at Cafe Troppo!

Pot of green tea $4

Mushie Omelette $11
Sauteed swiss brown mushrooms, fresh herbs and grated local parmesan baked into a hearty omelette and served with fresh greens

A rather enjoyable breakfast, particularly if you're like me and love eating mushrooms! The omelette was cooked to perfection and the fresh spinach salad really lightened up the entire dish.

The Poachie $14
Two soft-poached eggs with fresh greens, organic Hills avocado and troppo poesto on rye sourdough and topped with fried SA haloumi

My friend went for the poachie and he had no complaints apart from the rye sourdough which he found to be too hard.

I've visited Cafe Troppo twice now and have enjoyed it both times. (Last visit to Cafe Troppo here). The service is rather relaxed, almost too casual at times, but I have always enjoyed the food. I really like how they change up the menu every season to ensure only the freshest local produce is used and make an effort to be environmentally sustainable. Definitely somewhere I would recommend with affordable meals that make you feel good about yourself and the environment! 

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