Monday, 20 October 2014

FB's Fancy Burger

Burger cravings brought a group of 5 hungry uni students back to one of our favourite burger joints in town, Fancy Burger! Tucked away on Synagogue Place just off Rundle Street, FB's is the perfect place for a mid study session lunch being only a short walk away from the universities in town, or a quick lunch while doing some shopping. 

Indoor seating options. Last time I was here, there were separate tables seating approximately 5-6 people but it seems like they've pushed all the tables together to form a long communal table, which I've found is very common in the more modern eateries these days. 

 Outdoor seating options

Between the 5 of us, the girls and I tried out three different menu items today.

 Satay Chicken $10.90
Juicy breast chicken , tangy satay sauce, herby mayo, salad, relish

Two of us, including myself, went for something none of us had ever tried before. I found myself really enjoying it, mainly because I was afraid the chicken breast would actually turn out dry. Generous amounts of the satay sauce masked the dryness, if there was any, and made this a very enjoyable burger! I don't generally like thicker burger buns and was worried that it would be too dense, but it was absolutely fine.

 Fancy That $9.50
100% South Aussie beef, crispy bacon, cheddar cheese, herby mayo, salad, relish

A favourite at FB's. Once again, it didn't disappoint!

Crispy bacon and cheese $11.50
100% South Aussie beef, crispy bacon, cheddar cheese, herby mayo, salad, relish

Yet another favourite! This was Kym's first time trying this burger and she really enjoyed it.  

Large Chips $6.50
+ Tomato relish $1.50
+ Herby mayo $1.50

Some of my favourite chips in Adelaide, right here! They're consistently fried to perfection and coated in a delicious herbed salt. A fantastic accompaniment to any burger! The five of us couldn't even finish this along with our burgers! I'd say the small chips is a rather generous single serve as a side, although it would be perfect if you're feeling extra hungry that day. Also, my favourite dip would be the herby mayo.
 I have a guilty confession to make... The bestie and I have actually managed to finish an entire large chips between the two of us as a ridiculously unhealthy (and embarrassing) dinner while staying late at uni to study. That's what studying optometry and pharmaceutical engineering does to you, apparently! #thestressisreal

Fantastic service and food as always, FB's has never disappointed any of us! I'll happily take this over Grill'd ANY day.

Edit: Students get a 10% discount, just flash your ID cards at the counter when you order!

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