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After our dinner at Base Bar, our group of 12 decided that squeezing in a little bit of dessert was necessary. We wanted to visit the Aviary but it didn't open until 8pm, so we walked to Milkaholic, a place I'd heard about but never had the opportunity to try.

The lighting in this photo is quite deceiving - it's the darkest lit cafe/restaurant I have ever been to!

The waitress pointed us to the back room since we had such a large group and pushed some tables together for us. It was SO dark (again, the photo is deceiving), with only a few light bulbs and a candle on each table.

Antioxidant Warm Berry Crumble $12.50
Stewed apples, rhubarb, blackberries, cranberries, goji and blue berries with a toasted butter oat crumble and coconut ice cream

I felt like ordering a hot dessert so decided on the crumble. The berries and apples were too mushy for my liking and I couldn't really distinguish between all the different berries. It was also too sweet, but that could be personal preference. The ratios of the dessert were a little off, with the crumble being more of a scattering of oats over the top. Writing up this post, I noticed that the ice cream flavour was meant to be coconut, but all I could taste was vanilla. Also, because the crumble was still nice and hot when it came out, the scoop of ice cream was reduced to a puddle within minutes!

Nutella Chocolate Kronut $11.50
with Nutella chocolate sauce, toasted hazelnuts and chocolate chip ice cream

My friend who ordered this is a huge fan of Nutella. Unfortunately, she said the sauce tasted like cheap chocolate sauce and nothing on the plate tasted like Nutella! Aside from that, the cronut itself was okay but nothing spectacular. 

Peanut Butter $11.50
with warm homemade salty caramel and peanut butter ice cream

Apparently there was nothing even remotely salty about the homemade salty caramel.

Nutella Chocolate Sundae $9.50
with triple chocolate chip ice cream, toasted hazelnuts and crushed chocolate nut 

My friend who ordered this found it too heavy and chocolatey, and I could tell she had nothing to rave about. She also said the melted chocolate over the top made everything melt too quickly making it not too satisfying to eat.

[Back] The Bango $7.50
Mango & apple juice, frozen bananas, ice cream
[Middle] Frozen Hot Chocolate $7.50
Milk, chocolate and ice cream
[Front] Lychee Mint Sorbet $7.50
Lychees, fresh mint, ice, lemon sorbet

Apparently the Bango was reminiscent of a Boost juice and the Lychee Mint Sorbet had far too much mint in it, evident from the bright green colour.

Iced matcha green latte with ice cream $7.50

They added a scoop of what tasted like banana ice cream to one of the birthday girls' iced latte which she thought was very strange. Who would've thought to pair banana and matcha?

Cappuccino $5

I'd say this was quite an average experience and don't think Milkaholic is on par with some of the other fantastic dessert bars in Adelaide. The food and drinks were nothing special and I won't be rushing back any time soon. The service was quite standard; I don't really have anything bad to say about it but it didn't stand out, either. The atmosphere was quite nice apart from being sat in complete darkness. They were playing some jazzy, classic tunes and screening old black and white films on the TV. In saying all this though, I don't think it's enough to get me to come back soon.

Next time I'm in Norwood and considering going for dessert, I'd head to the Aviary or even Gelatissimo instead!

Big thank you to all my friends who helped me take photos of everything in almost complete darkness by shamelessly turning on their iphone torches! Thank goodness we were the only customers sitting in the area out the back...

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