Thursday, 4 December 2014


One day feels like one year in girl time amongst besties. So technically, I hadn't seen my best friend for 10 years! Having both been interstate and just returned home, we decided a catch up over breakfast was more than necessary and hit up a place we'd been meaning to try for a while. We always walk past Public on our walks to the Central Market from Rundle Mall but were a little intimated by the number of business people there for their morning meetings or lunches. Once we'd arrived at around 10am, it was still quite busy with a number of morning business meetings still occurring, however we managed to grab a booth along the wall.

Zing juice $7
Apple, pineapple & fresh lime

Simple and very refreshing. Great start to the morning!

The Cure $7.50
Apple, cucumber, spinach, lime, ginger, aloe vera juice & a dash of pink Himalayan mineral salt

Wow, the complexity of Angela's juice in comparison to mine! I got a big thumbs of from her, she loved this.

Ricotta pancakes $15.50
House made hotcakes with caramelised apple and fig vincotto

I felt like eating something sweet for breakfast today, and these didn't disappoint! The pancakes were super fluffy and not sickeningly sweet, so it was perfect with the caramelised apple.

 Eggs Benedict $14.50
Two poached eggs, house made muffins, black forest leg ham and hollandaise

The muffins were not as fluffy as you'd typically expect, a little denser but still enjoyable. The rest was pretty good but didn't stand out amongst other versions we've tried. At least they perfected the poached eggs!

A great spot for a meal if you can get past the number of business people in the space! Having said that, the space is fantastic - lots of natural lighting and filled with chic and classy furniture. The service was friendly and professional without being too uptight, and the atmosphere there was generally just lovely. I will most likely be returning for lunch as they also do rolls and salads which are displayed in their refrigerators by the main entrance and counter. They also open specially on Friday evenings which are recommended for ending the working week and feature a great food and cocktail menu. I'd say it's worth paying them a visit!

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