Sunday, 23 June 2013

Weekend snaps

Hi everyone,

Hope you've had a slightly more interesting weekend than I have! Now that the exam madness is over (for me, at least), I've had so much more time to sit around and do.... well, nothing. Which isn't necessarily a good thing, because there is always something new that could be learnt, especially in year 12!

This week, I haven't been out to eat so unfortunately, there won't be a review in this post. I did plan to visit E for Ethel, a cute little cafe on Melbourne Street which I've heard a lot about, but my plans fell through so I guess I'll just have to wait for another opportunity to come up for me to pay them a visit.

Rather than not putting up a post this weekend, I thought I'd leave you a few snaps of what I got up to this weekend :)

On Friday night, mum and I went out and bought a stand mixer. I think I'm now pretty well equipped for my quest to perfect macarons!

Also, on Friday night, I prepared roast pork for dinner on Saturday night. When I saw Maggie Beer make her Berkshire pork loin on Masterchef, I knew I had to give it a go! I just followed all the instructions for the roast pork here. On Saturday night, I also prepared some roast veggies before throwing it all in the oven. Give the pork a go if you're interested - it's so worth it.

On Sunday, mum, my sister and I visited Burnside for a very brief shopping trip! My sister and I were excited to see what Zara had in stock for this season and to be honest, it was a bit a disappointing. Nonetheless, we were still able to walk away with some goodies.

 The sight of this tree just makes me sad...

 A stop at Cibo for some Gelati :)
Fruits of the Forest and Mint

 The stores I ended up purchasing from

 Dymocks was having a 3 for 2 sale, so my sister and I got a little excited and walked away with 6 Classics! My inner physics geek is VERY keen to start on The Fabric of the Cosmos. 

If you follow fashion blogs like I do, then you would no doubt recognise this. 
Ah, the famous Zara skort. This was also available in yellow, blue and white (which had unfortunately sold out) but I went with black as it would definitely be the most versatile. Bit too chilly in Adelaide to wear this out right now, though! I think I might have them tailor made in a few other colours for spring. 

I didn't exactly buy this today but I thought I'd show it anyway. I call it my 'grab and go' wallet. It's slightly larger than my iPhone and fits all my essentials: ID, cash, coins and phone. Perfect for quick trips which don't require an entire bag. I picked it up from Collette for only $12.95. It is surprisingly good quality for something so inexpensive, and I like how it's nude and gold because it matches everything!

So, that's about it for my weekend. I'm going out for dinner to celebrate my godfather's birthday next weekend so hopefully I'll be able to do a proper review! Anyway, time to get stuck into my new books :)

Enjoy your week, everyone.

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