Wednesday, 30 October 2013

United Latino Cocina

My sister had just finished her 8th grade violin exam so I took her to lunch at United Latino Cucina! We'd heard lots of great reviews so we were pretty excited to finally be able to try it out.

ULC is tucked away, just off Rundle Mall on Francis St. I overheard many people walking past saying "wow, I never knew this was here"!

Pre-made quesadillas 


Jarritos Grapefruit Soda $5 (?)

Feature Taco $6.90
Grilled chicken & caramelised onion, chipotle, creamy slaw, lettuce & salsa Mexicano

SO good! The slightly spicy, deliciously seasoned grilled chicken pieces were balanced very well with the slaw and lettuce. Also, such great value for $6.90. I would definitely recommend this, but avoid it if you're not a fan of spicy food! 

Habanero Chicken Tostada $14.90
Slow cooked chicken pulled with fresh habanero, dry cheese, refried beans, lettuce, crema, green onion, cilantro & salsa Mexicana

This was also delicious! Lots of lovely flavours which all complimented each other very well. The chicken was so soft and tender and was well paired with the textures of the crunchy corn chip and lettuce. It was really filling because of how much chicken there was, so thank goodness my sister and I were sharing! Again, I would avoid this if you don't like spicy food, but otherwise, definitely give it a go!

I can definitely see why this place has become so popular. The food is delicious and well priced, and the staff were so friendly! I would definitely recommend it for a nice lunch if you're ever wandering around in Rundle Mall, looking for something new to try. 

Overall, 8.5/10

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