Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Cocolat & O'Connell Street Bakery

One of my favourite places to rest my feet mid-shopping in town is Cocolat on Rundle Street! A few friends and I stopped by for a little afternoon treat.

Chilli Hot Chocolate

Definitely one to try if you love yourself a bit of chilli! So perfect on a cooler afternoon when you need to warm up a little. This is one of my favourite items on their menu! 

Iced Chai

I'm rarely disappointed by Cocolat, except that one time where they served me the most terrible macarons (seriously, the stuff of nightmares). So yes, avoid the macarons, but basically everything else is delicious!


I had to sneak this in somewhere. I don't visit the O'Connell St Bakery often, but whenever I do, I will most likely end up walking away with one of these!

Nutella Heart

Essentially a donut-like dough filled with nutella and topped with a sweet and sticky glaze. What's not to love? I highly recommend it!

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