Wednesday, 3 September 2014

The Kentish

A definite pro to having friends studying interstate is being able to go for slightly more elaborate outings whenever they're back home to catch up with everyone! On this particular occasion a few months back, a couple of the girls and I wanted to go for lunch somewhere 'different' to where we usually go. My friend was having a look on Urbanspoon and found The Kentish, a place we never knew even existed but had a great rating. 

It wasn't too difficult to locate, just off Melbourne St at the end of a quiet street. Taking advantage of the absence of one of our friends who is allergic to seafood, we all ordered seafood dishes!

Spicy cockle linguini 
I didn't get a chance to try this, but the empty bowls and faces of satisfaction after we'd all finished really said it all! It looked absolutely delicious.

Seared scallops
The moment I saw seared scallops on the menu, I knew exactly what I'd be having for lunch. They were cooked to absolute perfection and went perfectly with the salad they were served with. I especially liked the touch of the crunchy sweet potato pieces. 

Vanilla creme brulee

SO good. It was delicious and creamy, with a perfect crisp sugar layer. Would order again in a heartbeat!

Outstanding food presented beautifully. We will definitely be returning! Don't you just love when a random find on Urbanspoon turns out to be the most incredible place? I found the atmosphere was a little strange, with the entire area divided into three, each with very different feels to them. This didn't phase us too much though, as being in each other's company definitely got rid of it! Service was pretty casual, but I think this might have been because we were dining on a weekday at lunch time so there were only 2 or 3 other tables along with our's.
These weren't exactly cheap eats, with mains priced between $20-$25. Worth every cent though, as we were very satisfied with our meal. Can't wait to go back!

[Apologies for the vague meal descriptions and missing prices - this was from a few months ago and the menu seems to have changed! Looks like I'll have to return to try the new offerings :P]

The Kentish on Urbanspoon

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